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Frequently Asked Questions

Morgan coin holder

1.In your Submission Instructions, you have noted that the flips must be marked with date/mint, line# and submission #. How should the flip actually look when submitted?

We have created a basic image below. Your coin will be in one pocket of the two pocket flip. Use of a “Sharpie” marker is fine to note the required information on the outside of the flip. Or, you may use a small card that can be placed in the pocket opposite of the coin.


2.Where can I get 2x2 flips?

2 x 2 flips are available from most coin supply stores. NNC highly recommends Space Coast Coin Supply. We have been extremely happy with them and their quick turnaround on our orders. Their website is:

3.Does NNC do crossover service?

We do not offer crossover service whereby a coin graded by another grading service is sent to us for our subjective opinion of the grade. The primary reasons for this is the possibility of damage to the coin when removed from the holder and to avoid any possibility of bias in our opinion based on the previous grade. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that your coin will be at the same grade as assigned by the other grading service since grading is based on subjective opinion. If you wish to remove the coin from the slab and submit it, then that is your prerogative.

4.What happens with a submission that is sent to you?

Our process is as follows:

  1. Upon receipt of your coins, we verify the coin against the submission form to ensure that both are in agreement.

  2. We then send you, the customer, an e-mail notifying you that NNC has received your submission, the number of coins confirmed in the submission and the date of receipt. We may also note any corrections that we may find in between the coins we received and the submission form. We encourage our customers to e-mail us who wish to know the status of their submission. We answer by e-mail as promptly as possible.

  3. The submission is then placed in order by receipt date to be graded.

  4. When grading is complete, we then create the labels and encapsulate the coins in the submission.

  5. The coins are then packed for shipping.

  6. The submission shipment is taken to the US Post Office to be sent by registered and insured mail. This is the most secure method available for shipment of your coins.

  7. Following shipment of your submission, we issue a final e-mail notifying you, the customer, the date the submission was taken to the Post Office for shipment and provide a tracking number for your records.

5.I have purchased an NNC graded coin from a dealer and I am unhappy with my purchase, what should I do?

Coins are submitted to us for grading, we do not sell them. Therefore, when purchasing a coin in any services holder remember that you are buying the coin, not the holder and only deal with sellers that have a return policy because of the subjectivity involved.

6.How do I determine the Declared Value of the coins I am submitting?

Some submitters use the amount they paid for the coin, some use current bid lists, some simply estimate the value. It really is up to you and what value you place on the coin. The total of this declared value is the amount used to determine the amount for which we insure the package when the coins are returned to you. This table is included when you print the submission form on the page entitled "Submission Instructions".

7.I have purchased an NNC graded coin, what information can you provide to ensure that this coin was graded by NNC?

What we can tell you about the coin in question, based on the serial number you provide, is as follows:

Serial #:
Original Grading request from:
Date Graded:
Grade Assigned:

From this information you will be able to verify the coin in question.

8.I wish to submit coins to NNC for grading, the information provided indicates that a Submission Number and Customer number is required. How do I go about getting this information?

You will need to request a submission number by e-mail if you use the online form ONLY, pre-printed forms already have the submission number printed on them.

To get a submission number for the online form, simply send us an e-mail at Should you find you need more than one page for your submission please indicated on the additional pages the same submission number followed by an A, B, C, etc for each page.

You may send an e-mail to request pre-printed forms would be mailed to you, please include your address to which we may mail them. We suggest that you use a pre-printed form for your first page and print online forms for any additional pages you require. Indicate the multiple pages by following the submission number from the pre-printed form with an A, B, C etc. for each page.

In either case, using pre-printed or online forms, be sure that you maintain a copy for your records.

As to a customer number, we establish that with your first submission. When we return your completed coins from your first submission, we include a letter notifying you of your customer number for your records and future use.

9. Does NNC accept submissions of foreign coins?

No. Due to the high numbers of counterfeit foreign coins received by NNC of late, we have been required to make the unfortunate decision to stop accepting submissions of all foreign coins.

10.Does NNC grade problem coins?

Per our Terms and Conditions for those submitting coins to be graded:

LIMITATIONS ON GRADING SERVICES. NNC will not issue a grade for any coins of questionable authenticity. Problem coins will be graded if the problem is not too severe and the problem can be easily described, i.e. “MS-63 cleaned”, “MS-62 scratch obverse (or reverse)” etc. For multiple problem coins, only the most obvious problem will be identified on the labeling of the coin. The customer understands that in such an event NNC will not refund any fee paid for the grading service. We will not, however, grade a coin which has been “whizzed” or “scratched and repaired”, those coins will be returned ungraded and unslabbed to the customer and the grading fee, minus return shipping and insurance fees, for a coin so identified will be refunded.

11.Can you tell me the value of my coin?

NNC does not buy or sell coins, we grade them. We do not track the monetary values of coins on the market. There are many websites, books and other publications that provide this kind of information.

12.Should I clean my coins?

Never clean collectable coins. Cleaning causes various problems which can and will reduce the grade and the value of the coin. Natural toning is preferred.

13.I have an NNC coin with a cracked or broken slab, what should I do?

NNC will assist you based on the following criteria:

  1. The coin is still within the capsule and has not been impacted by the break or removed from the capsule.
  2. The weld must still be intact on at least 80% of the capsule. The capsule must not look as if any attempts to crack the weld and then glue it back together have been made.
  3. You must notify NNC of this situation by e-mail prior to returning the still encapsulated coin to NNC.

Once contacted NNC will consider your situation and respond accordingly regarding our decision of how we will handle your situation.

14.What is the best way to ship my submission to NNC?

We highly recommend that submissions are sent via Registered and Insured mail to our Post Office box. This is the MOST secure method of shipment which must be signed for by an agent of NNC to enable pickup. However, if you choose to send the submission by Express Mail Overnight we cannot guarantee that we will have your submission in our hands the next day although this method too requires NNC agent signature for pickup.

All shipments must be sent to:

P.O. Box 701943
St. Cloud, FL 34770-1943

We do not encourage shipment by FED EX or UPS.

15.What is your turnaround time?

NNC turnaround is 15 business days from receipt of your submission, excluding weekends and holidays. NNC observes the following holidays for 2008, and will extend turnaround time by either 1 or 2 extra days for those submissions which arrive within 15 days of the following holidays:

Jan. 1 New Years Day Turnaround = 16 day
Feb. 19 Presidents Day Turnaround = 16 days
April 6 Good Friday before Easter Sunday Turnaround = 17 days
May 28 Memorial Day Turnaround = 16 days
July 4 Independence Day Turnaround = 21 days
July 16-20    SUMMER VACATION BREAK Turnaround = 21 days
Sept. 3 Labor Day Turnaround = 16 days
Nov. 23 & 24 Thanksgiving Turnaround = 17 days
Dec. 24,25 & 26 Christmas Turnaround = 17 days

NNC does not observe Blackout Periods at this time. And while every effort is made to meet or beat the 15 day turnaround, NNC will not guarantee that your coins will arrive on or by any specified date.

NNC Coin Grading - National Numismatic Certification, LLC.
P.O. Box 701943
St. Cloud, Florida 34770-1943

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